This undated image released by Rovio shows a poster of the company's Angry Birds app. (AP Photo/Rovio) (AP)

That could get pretty annoying, since players stop and restart levels so often in the game. It’s clearly bothered fans of the game, who seem worried about the direction in which the game’s producer, Rovio, is headed.

“Game is fun, but they're getting too aggressive with the Rovio news, ads etc. It's not necessary in a paid app that we're already clearly fans of,” wrote one fan on Angry Birds’s App Store page.

“Obviously, and rightfully, the app was created to make money. Good for them... I applaud their creativity, and they most certainly deserve what they have earned, but they are forgetting what matters. The user. Stop the greed, and think of the user experience. Nobody wants to be bombarded by advertisements when playing a game! This app has become one big bloated advertisement. It was great when it was just a simple, enjoyable game,” wrote another.

Did ads in Angry Birds get you riled up today?

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