Get your flinging fingers ready: Angry Birds, Rovio’s ridiculously popular game, is about to get even more ubiquitous.

There were two big bird announcements on Wednesday. First, Microsoft announced that the game is coming to the Windows Phone 7 on May 25. In February, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka mentioned that the company was expecting the game be available on the phone this spring, but he hinted the delay was on Microsoft’s side.

With Angry Birds on so many platforms, it makes sense that the second announcement was that the company is working on a way to sync the game across devices. Rovio dropped that tidbit via its Twitter feed, answering a player’s question.

@RovioMobile Will the cross-game-sync sync across platforms (e.g. iPhone to Android) as well as across devices?Wed Apr 13 16:37:15 via TweetDeckBird Leader

@angrybirdsnest across all platforms is the plan, pretty big project, but getting thereWed Apr 13 16:43:45 via Twitter for iPadAngry Birds

That’s welcome news for multi-device players who aren’t so happy about having to start fresh with each gadget.

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