WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (center) arrives at the High Court in London Tuesday. Assange will begin his appeal against his extradition from Britain to Sweden for questioning over allegations of sexual misconduct. (SUZANNE PLUNKETT/REUTERS)

On Monday, the group claimed an attack on Booz Allen Hamilton, a government contractor closely tied to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The group posted 90,000 e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords it claims came from the company, which declined to “comment on specific threats or actions taken against our systems” via its own Twitter stream.

Now those watching the hacking scene are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The expected target of Anonymous’ next release is the Metropolitan Police in Britain, The Guardian reported based on chatter on the groups IRC channels.

Many are expecting a major release to come Tuesday, as proceedings begin on WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange’s appeal hearing against extradition.

Those claiming to be members of the group also told the Guardian that they are upset with the Metropolitan Police over Assange’s case and reports that police officer accepted bribes in the growing News Corp. phone hacking scandal.

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