A Do Not Track header feature launched with Firefox 4

The news service has implemented the Do Not Track header across 800 Web sites, according to blog post from Mozilla privacy lead Andrew Fowler.

AP will not set cookies for visitors with the feature enabled. Its current opt-out system lets users opt-out through a central link. According to Fowler, AP will still count the total number of impressions for each news story, but will not aggregate identifiable data from visitors who have enabled the header.

The Digital Advertising Alliance has also started a process to include Mozilla’s header in its own self-regulatory program for online behavioral advertising. The advertising alliance is made up of seven of the largest advertising associations in the country.

Mozilla introduced the new privacy feature in its latest version of Firefox. As Rob pointed out in his review of Firefox 4, companies don’t have to listen to your requests not to be tracked. But as they face more political and consumer pressure to give their customers control over privacy, it’s likely we’ll see more agree to these kinds of efforts.

To enable the feature in Firefox 4, go to the advanced section of the browser’s tools menu.

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