Apple founder Steve Jobs announced the company’s iCloud service this month. (BECK DIEFENBACH/REUTERS)

Apple addressed some of the most common questions about the difference between the two services in an FAQ page Friday.

The company answered one big question on customer’s minds: Since iCloud is free up to 5GB, MobileMe subscribers will be able to cancel their subscriptions and receive a refund for the unused portion of their paid time.

Apple also said that iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Find My iPhone will be available as Web services.

On the other hand, three services now available to MobileMe customers — iWeb publishing, Gallery and iDisk — will not be available with iCloud. Customers can publish to their iWeb accounts and access their Gallery photos through June 30, 2012. Apple has posted instructions for how to move this data to save it.

The new service adds iTunes in the Cloud, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, automatic downloads and purchase histories for apps and books and a backup and restore function.

Customers will not be able to merge their MobileMe and iCloud accounts but will be able to keep their e-mail addresses, mail, contacts, calendars and bookmarks.

Apple also said that customers will be able to buy additional iCloud space if they need more than the free 5GB, though it did not reveal any pricing details. Purchased music, photos, iBooks, and apps do not count toward the quota.

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