Fans line up outside the Georgetown Apple store. (Picture courtesy of Twitpic user noonanjo. )

iPad 2 fever has taken a deep hold over the Apple fanbase. The Post’s Justin Bank said that he called the Clarendon Apple store last night to check in this morning’s shipment and heard that 200 people lined up outside the store yesterday— despite the sign in the store’s window saying they hadn’t gotten a new shipment yet.

Here are some reports on Twitter about lines this morning at the Georgetown, Clarendon and Pentagon City Apple stores:

Already a long line outside Georgetown Apple store. iPads are in, it seems Mar 16 12:11:56 via TwitpicJohn Noonan

Apple Clarendon received 25 iPads; sold out by 8am.Wed Mar 16 12:06:59 via Twitter for Androidarlingtonderek

Twitter user William Ellis said that there were about 50 people in line for the iPad 2 at the Pentagon City store, but that the selection wasn’t that fantastic.

Okay they have about 75 here. But the wifi only version is 16gb. They have limited verizon and Att all sizes. #applestoreWed Mar 16 12:54:03 via Twitter for iPhoneWilliam R. Ellis

Other reports on Twitter indicate that this is happening across the country. Online, the Apple store said to expect a four- to five-week shipping time for the iPad 2.

Did anyone pick up an iPad 2 this morning? Tell us about the lines and the wait in the comments.

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