Enough Apple rumors about the next iPhone have been flying around this week that it’s time for another roundup. A new report from Bloomberg confirms several of the existing reports about the iPhone with its sources.

Speed: Fresh from Bloomberg Tuesday night is the report that the next iPhone will get a speed boost, thanks to the A5 processor that’s already in the iPad 2. Jeffries and Co. analysts Peter Misek also predicted this in a Forbes report last month.

Cameras, screen: The Bloomberg report also backs up some of the rumors floating around out there about iPhone’s camera and screen, namely that the next iPhone will have a higher resolution screen and an 8 MP rear-facing camera. Speculations about the camera have been swirling since April, when Sony CEO Howard Stringer made comments that his company’s “best cameras” were headed to Apple.

But a report from 9 to 5 Mac last week claiming the next iPhone was in its final stages of testing indicated that the iPhone would keep its current 5 MP sensor, so there’s no clear consensus on that.

Release date: After deviating from its normal release schedule and not announcing a new iPhone at WWDC, Apple’s got everyone guessing about its next iPhone release date. Boy Genius Report surprised with a report that Apple will launch the next iPhone in August, but Bloomberg’s report from this morning returned to what most people had assumed — iPhone will launch in September, at Apple’s normally scheduled fall event.

Cheaper iPhone: Bloomberg’s report also revived rumors of a cheaper, lower-end iPhone joining the handset family. The New York Times reported that way back in February. In March, Apple COO and acting CEO Tim Cook told analyst Toni Sacconaghi that the company doesn’t want the phone to be only for rich people.

Apple has been slashing its prices on software — OS X Lion and Final Cut Pro X come to mind — so it is at least thinking about being a lower-cost company. Only time will tell if that extends to hardware as well.

Metal back: One speculation not addressed in the latest report is the idea that Apple will shake up the materials it uses for the back of its handset and return to metal over glass.

The report did say, however, that the new iPhone will closely resemble the iPhone 4, conflicting with what Boy Genius Report and This is my next have heard about case design.

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