A new report says that Apple may be waiting until October to show off its next iPhone. (Daniel Barry/GETTY IMAGES)

As always, remember that it’s Apple we’re dealing with here, so take all reports and rumors with a healthy dose of salt, but according to a source who spoke to the site’s John Paczkowski, Apple is really set to launch the iPhone sometime in October.

That contradicts several reports indicating that September is the expected date for Apple to introduce the next update to its phone line.

Specifically addressing reports that AT&T is denying vacation requests for its staff in late August and early September, a “source familiar with Apple’s plans” told Paczkowski, “I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch.”

Apple is overdue for a major update to the iPhone, having bucked its normal schedule and skipped a summer launch this year. That decision seems to have surprised even its own partners. Incoming Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam told analysts on the company’s latest earnings call that Verizon was expecting a summer refresh. The company now expects the next iPhone “sometime this fall,” he said.

In its latest earnings call, Apple executives hinted at a major product transition to come in the September quarter — then promptly said they wouldn’t talk any more about it.

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