Sprint is now the only national carrier with an unlimited data plan. (JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES)

With the announcement that Verizon is moving to tiered data plans, Sprint is now the only national carrier to have a unlimited data plan. Yin makes a good point in saying that Verizon’s move to tiered plans puts Sprint in a prime position to snap up disenchanted smartphone users.

Sprint offers a basic $50 per month data plan and is the only national carrier to offer an unlimited data plan. T-Mobile’s unlimited plans throttle users after they pass their monthly cap.

Verizon has said that 95 percent of its users never exceed a 2GB per month limit, and others say that throttling data after a certain point is better for the overall health of the network.

But users across the Web have expressed dismay at Verizon’s decision.

It would certainly be smart for Sprint and Apple to sign an agreement as soon as possible. Yin says Sprint would probably try to launch the product before the holidays.

Will Verizon’s decision make you consider a switch?

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