An IDC report found that Apple is now the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world. (Laura J. Gardner/AP)

Nokia continues to top the list, with about 24 percent of the world’s market share, but Apple is closing in with nearly 19 percent.

Overall, the world smartphone market grew nearly 80 percent over the same period last year.

Nokia stayed ahead thanks to strong demand for its Symbian platform overseas, something the analysis firm said could hurt the Finnish cellphone maker when it switches to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Last month IDC reported that Apple is the fourth-largest cellphone maker overall.

Kevin Restivo, an analyst for IDC, said in the report’s release that Google’s Android platform is driving the growth of smartphone sales worldwide. He also said that the emerging market can handle a lot of comfortable co-existing companies...for now.

Samsung and HTC rounded out the top five, both posting impressive growth numbers. Samsung saw the most growth, up 350 percent from last year; HTC grew 229.6 percent.

Who’s your smartphone maker of choice?

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