Apple could be planning a new iPad model, if supplier reports other rumors are true. (Paul Sakuma/AP)

But a couple of reports have suggested that the company is planning an iPad 2 with a better screen for its expected September event dubbed the “iPad HD.”

Rumor has had it that Apple may have been planning another iPad even before the iPad 2 was announced in March, but new reports last week at This is my next said the company is planning a tablet with better resolution for the fall in addition to a new iPhone.

Sources told This is my next that this new iPad would not be the iPad 3, but rather an upgraded version of the current model. (“Think Macbook and Macbook Pro,” the report said.) The new model’s screen would have a double resolution screen, 2048 x 1536, and could be aimed at a higher-end market, such as video and photo professionals.

A “retina” display — or one that adds more pixels than the average human eye can distinguish at a distance of about 12 inches — is already in the iPhone 4, and many were hoping it to be a feature of the iPad 2 when it launched.

Adding to the TIMN report, Monday morning Taiwanese tech site Digitimes posted a report from its sources in Apple’s supply line claiming that the company had contracted with another manufacturer to produce new iPads that would arrive at the end of the third quarter or start of the fourth quarter.

Apple currently relies on Foxconn, a trade name for Hon Hai Industries, for tablet production but a fatal explosion at one of the company’s factories has left Apple looking for a second contractor, the report said.

In its report last week, TIMN also put the kibosh on rumors about the iPhone 4S, saying that they stem from people who have seen Apple testing out iPhone 5 components in iPhone 4 cases.

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