On Monday Apple finally announced its plans for how it would start using its huge $98 billion cash hoard. The company said it will begin paying investors a quarterly dividend of $2.65 per share, and it will start a $10 billion share buyback program later this year. The two moves will total $45 billion over three years, The Post’s Cecilia Kang reports.

So, it looks like it’s tough luck for industry analysts who wanted the tech giant to use its money to buy a space station similar to Darth Vader’s Death Star or go into the perfume-making industry.

If you had $98 billion in your coffers, how would you spend it? Give us your idea – serious or not – in the comments, and vote for your favorite post by clicking on “Recommend.”

View Photo Gallery: We asked some analysts what, aside from a dividend, would be the most interesting use of Apple’s $98 billion pile of cash.

We asked Twitter users to share their $98 billion aspirations using the hashtag #98billion. Here are some of their responses:

Feed everyone in Africa #98billion

— Amirah A. (@mirdy_goozies) March 19, 2012

@washingtonpost I’d burn it. That’s far too much money for any one person to have. #98billion

— Trevor Hultner (@thultner) March 19, 2012

If I had #98billion I’d get it in $1 bills and do a Scrooge McDuck cannonball into them.

— Peter Pietrangelo (@ppietrangelo) March 19, 2012

If I had #98Billion I would buy a 1968 Shebly GT 500 and donate the rest to the National Park Serivce & railroad preservation.

— Rob den Hartog (@ziggycurrans) March 19, 2012

@washingtonpost make it $100B. #98billion

— Thomas Prehn (@T_Prehn) March 19, 2012