As always, Apple is keeping us guessing . (Chris Goodney/BLOOMBERG)

Speculation had been pretty consistent about placing the phone’s release date in September — analysts said the release would be in the early fall, AT&T appeared to be gearing up for a big release and several news outlets tapped sources that swore the launch would come in September.

Then an unnamed source told the very reliable All Things Digital earlier this week to expect an October launch , throwing that whole train of thought off the track.

Surely by this point we’ve all figured out that half the fun of being an Apple fan is in the guessing.

Now come two reports that put the launch date back in September. Taiwanese tech site Digitimes, which taps Apple’s production line for it’s sometimes prescient reports, said Wednesday that manufacturer Pegatron has landed a 10 million order for the iPhone to ship in September.

And on Tuesday, The Guardian’s Charles Arthur said that an October release date doesn’t fit in line with reports he’s hearing about carrier testing. He also said that delaying the launch until October doesn’t fit in line with what he knows about Apple’s history — namely that the company has no reason to shorten the retail time it has before the holiday season.

“I'm not saying [All Things Digital’s] John Packzowski is wrong, or misreporting; only that his sources might be. Not long to wait now, though, to find out who's right,” Arthur wrote.

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