Verizon says its next iPhone will work in as many countries as AT&T’s. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Shammo said the next Verizon iPhone will launch at the same time as AT&T’s version and work in as many countries as its other-network counterpart, too.

When it comes to the bigger question of high-speed LTE mobile broadband service for the next iPhone, however, Shammo deferred to Apple.

“I think it’s a bigger issue for Apple than it is for us,” he said. “Depending on where Apple plays, that’s where we’ll sell.”

Most analysts believe LTE will not be in the next version of the iPhone, partially based on comments by Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook last month that the LTE chip sets require “design compromises” with the handset that Apple isn’t willing to make, Forbes reported.

So the next Verizon iPhone should be able to go wherever you want, just maybe not as quickly as you’d hoped.

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