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Amazon hasn’t officially announced when it will launch its app store for Android, but images of what’s to come appeared on the store’s Web site.

A blogger for a German site, androidnews, decided to type into his browser for fun and found that the online retailer had put up the images of 48 apps and their prices. Titles including Fruit Ninja, Newsweek Mobile and Zagat to Go. The store also has at least one title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Force Recon, that doesn’t seem to available on the Android Marketplace.

The Amazon store and the Android store differ slightly in price, but not enough to make one radically difference from the other. Right now, clicking on the apps only leads you to the Amazon home page.

Phandroid and other Android-focused tech sites report that you have to be logged out to view the page.

At least one app has been definitively confirmed for the Android store: Angry Birds announced Monday that it will offer the Angry Birds Rio game exclusively through Amazon’s store.

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