Here’s what not to believe this morning.

From YouTube, some 1911 precursors to modern-day memes, and the ability to filter any video as it would have been 100 years ago. You know, if they’d had Internet video:

Hulu takes you back in time as well, though not quite as far. Just enough to make you nostalgic for all that Geocities goodness:

LinkedIn suggests some famous friends for your network:

And the Huffington Post takes a jab at the New York Times with its NYT-only paywall. “On you can view the first 6 letters of each word at no charge (including slideshows of adorable kittens),” Ariana Huffington wrote in a column Friday. “After 6 letters, we will ask you to become a digital subscriber. You may choose to subscribe to see the rest of each word individually, or choose a package to access all words of more than 6 letters.”

And from Google, just one of the company’s many pranks this morning:

(Note: Fellow typography nerds, do NOT search for “Helvetica” on Google today.)

What tricks have you seen today/played so far? Let us know in the comments.

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