The Apple iPhone is displayed at the Verizon Wireless store at Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne, Ind. (Laura J. Gardner/AP)

Pictures of the next generation iPod Touch (or so we all wanted to believe) circulated this morning, showing a capacitative home screen button — a.k.a., one that you don’t actually push — and a jaw-dropping 128 GB of space. That’s twice as much space as the largest iPod Touch on the market right now.

Even 9 to 5 Mac, the first reputable site to publish the rumors, said it originally passed on the photos because they just looked so fake, a sentiment echoed by just about ever othery tech site out there. The pictures look really bad and the iPod Touch pictured is running an older version of iOS, making it unlikely to be a current prototype. Plus, a touch-sensitive button doesn’t make a lot of sense on the iPod Touch because of the way you have to hold the device.

The second rumor to hit the Web today was that a Korean news site reported that the iPhone 5 was going to launch in June after all. Sketchily sourced, the report translated by MacRumors said that two Korean providers were prepping for a iPhone 5 launch the last week of June. The iPhone wouldn’t be introduced at the WWDC, the report said, but at a special event hosted by Steve Jobs. That flew in the face of all of the latest reports, which indicate the iPhone 5 launch is delayed until the fall.

This rumor was shot down by the well-sourced Jim Darymple of Loop Insight, who heard from his sources that any rumor of an iPhone 5 in June was completely false. As Darymple wrote, “Doesn’t it seem strange to anyone else that Apple would confirm the release of the iPhone 5 in Korea before confirming it in the U.S.?”

Touche. When in doubt, my money’s on the reporter with the great reputation instead of the report not even the translators believe.

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