Microsoft search engine Bing announced Friday that it’s dipping its toe into the daily deals space as well — as an aggregator.

Appealing to savvy shoppers who may have overstuffed their inboxes with too many deals, the search engine is taking a “decision engine” approach to the coupon world. Bing Deals pulls together coupons from Groupon and Living Social, as well as retailers including Nordstrom and Target.

The site is touting its visual search results as a distinguishing factor from other sites that pull together sale items and coupon listings.

<a bing="" browse="" by="" daily="" deals="" href="’;vid=926bb345-b15e-431e-a35f-ee84175d574e&amp;src=SLPl:embed::uuids’" offers="" over="" target="’_new’" title="’Deluged" with="">Video: Deluged by Daily Deals? Browse Over 200k Offers with Bing Deals</a>

Bing also takes advantage of its close Facebook integration and includes a feature that lets users hook their FB profiles to its shopping service to remind you when friends’ birthdays are coming up.

In a July interview with Faster Forward, Bing director Stefan Weitz said that the company’s decision to integrate Facebook with its previous shopping search had been a big hit, finding that about 80 percent of people will delay making a shopping decision until they run it past their friends.

Bing Deals lets users sift through more than 200,000 deals by retailer, location, keyword or category.

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