Sprint is selling WiFi version of the BlackBerry PlayBook for $499. (Anonymous/AP)

Since the tablet’s only running WiFi, customers can grab the tablet from Sprint without needing to sign up for a contract. Sprint will not be providing any additional services for the tablet.

The company is expected to release a WiMax 4G-enabled version of the PlayBook sometime later this year.

The PlayBook hit the market to unenthusiastic reviews, including mine, mostly because it lacked several basic tablet features such as a native e-mail application.

Sprint is currently the only wireless company to carry the 7-inch tablet. CNET reported Verizon said in April that it was “still evaluating” whether or not it would carry the device.

The PlayBook got a software update this week, adding in-app payments, WiFi hotspot detection and pre-loading the PlayBook’s tablet-optimized Facebook application.

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