The BlackBerry PlayBook (Associated Press)

But as of the launch today, the app that integrates the PlayBook and the BlackBerry is not working for AT&T users.

According to CNET, AT&T confirmed that it is not supporting BlackBerry Bridge, the app that pairs the tablet and the BlackBerry to give users access to their e-mail, calendars and contacts.

“We are working with RIM to offer the 'bridge' app to AT&T customers," AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel told CNET. "We've only just received the app and we're testing it now to make sure it will deliver a great experience to our customers.”

The report said that Siegel would not comment if AT&T was blocking the app because it allows PlayBook users to tether their tablets to their BlackBerry phones.

RIM did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Have you bought a PlayBook today? What are your first impressions?

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