Twitter announced Thursday morning that it has removed the quickbar from its iPhone app.

In a blog post, Twitter’s creative director Doug Bowman said the company is pulling the feature since it does not “improve the user experience.” Bowman wrote that the Twitter team was headed back to the drawing board to come up with a feature that provides in-app notifications and takes users outside their own home stream.

The announcement comes quickly after the company rehired co-founder and former chief executive Jack Dorsey to head up its products team. Dorsey and Twitter’s director of product management, Satya Patel, are both keeping their other jobs in addition to their Twitter positions.

The much-hated feature was added in Twitter’s last update at the start of March. It featured trending topics, including promoted tweets, a.k.a. ads, across the top of users' Twitter streams.

A hasty update to the app pinned the bar to the top of app to keep it from covering tweets, but customers were still not happy about it.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a great read from Tuesday that analyzes Twitter’s structure and reveals some interesting background on the Quickbar as well.

Apparently, the Quickbar was pushed out by a junior product manager without any review from the company’s higher-ups. The report says Costolo was “livid” after the product launched. The Chronicle said that Twitter’s horizontal structure has provided little leadership on products — so little, in fact, that the company is willing to hire two part-timers to gain a bit of structure.

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