Google’s Chrome browser turns three today. To celebrate, the company has released a really interesting infographic documenting the evolution of the Web, which you can see here.

See Google’s graphic on the Evolution of the Web here. (Courtesy of Google)

The graphic details the history of the Web from Mosaic to — what Google has decided is the Web’s latest development — the Chromebook. Self-promotion aside, there’s little doubt, that Chrome has been a transformative browser; its quick-release schedule has been adopted by one of its fiercest competitors, Mozilla.

In its three years, the Chrome browser has seen impressive growth, grabbing 15 percent of the market share, according to numbers out today from NetMarketShare. It’s now the third-largest browser, behind Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The browser has even overtaken Firefox in Britain, Mashable reported last month, edging it out by 1 percent.

In a blog post marking Chrome’s third birthday, Google software engineers Ben Goodger and Darin Fisher said that in the past year, the browser has become faster, more accessible and more secure. They also cited the release of the Chrome Marketplace and other developments as the sign of the browser’s entry into the modern Web.

Do you use Chrome? What do you like about it?

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