A Japanese company called Neurowear has introduced a high-tech headband that wearers control with their brains.

The company’s Necomimi headband has robot cat ears attached to sensors that read the wearer’s emotions and react accordingly. The name translates, rather unoriginally, as “cat ears.”

The ears perk up when the user is concentrating, lay flat when he or she is relaxed and circle when someone is relaxed and concentrating.

The company hasn’t decided on the colors for the headband or a release date.

Check out the Necomimi in action below:

Reuters reported that scientists are using this kind of technology for wheelchair users or as way to operate a car.

The Necomimi developer said the technology could be used as a way to help shy people communicate, the report said, but Neurowear is concentrating on using the tech for fashion purposes for now.

If you could use this tech for anything, what would choose?

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