Duke Nukem Forever, the unshippable game first slated for release in 1998, may be facing another delay.

Or not. We’ll see.

Gearbox Software released a video announcing the game will now ship June 14 in the United States (June 10 internationally) instead of its planned May 3 (May 6) release. It’s not clear if this is a cleverly done delay announcement or the set-up to an April Fools’ Day joke.

Let’s be honest. A month’s delay isn’t much, especially for a game that’s been promised for over a decade.

Duke Nukem fans took to Gearbox’s message boards (which are, perhaps, inadvisable for workplace viewing) to discuss the latest news. Many think it’s a joke on Gearbox Software’s part but are prepared to see another delay. In any case, the company made its announcement with good humor, something that’s appreciated by its long-suffering fans.

“Oh well... if it is an official delay then at least Gearbox did it right and not hiding behind a press release,” one fan said.

Duke Nukem Forever made a splash at PAX East, the east coast version of the Penny Arcade’s gamer expo, earlier this month. According to Wired, the line for the game took over an hour to get through but was worth the wait and has a lot of “classic Duke.”

For what it’s worth, the Wired article from March 15 also lists a June release date, though with flipped U.S. and international release dates.

Watch the announcement — which has some censored language at the end — and make your own judgements:

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