Leading up to E3, Sony released some choice tidbits about its next handheld, codenamed the next-genertaion portable, or NGP.

At a press event on Thursday, Sony let members of the gaming press get their hands on the new device, which boasts a 5-inch touchscreen, a rear multi-touch pad, dual joysticks and front and rear-facing cameras.

Games for the NGP include Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Hustle Kings, Sound Shapes, Stardust and a new version of Wipeout.

According to the company’s blog, social media manager Jeff Rubenstein said that the units shown Thursday are the right size, but the devices that hit stores will have a better build quality.

(Chrome users can see the video here)

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, promised that the company will release more details about the device soon.

“We’ll talk more about social connectivity features down the line – today is about showing off the core games and getting you hands-on time. I’m sure you have burning questions on launch date, pricing, 3G data plans, and we’ll be very happy to share all those with you moving forward,” he said.

The company also promised there would be more to come when the expo kicks off next Tuesday.

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