Sony said the PS Vita will be $249 for the Wifi version and $299 for the 3G version. (Chris Weeks/AP IMAGES FOR SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA)

Sony unveiled the PlayStation Vita, code-named the NGP, at the E3 conference Monday night.

The new handheld, which sports a 5-inch multitouch screen, a rear touch pad and two analog sticks, in addition to the normal PlayStation controls.

On Tuesday, Sony posted a few more details about the device in an FAQ on its Web site. Each answer Sony gave about the PS Vita stirs up more questions, but here is some information.

The PS Vita will cost $249 for the Wifi version and $299 for the 3G version. AT&T will be the Vita’s exclusive service provider in the United States. It’s not clear if it will be sold in AT&T stores, however.

We know that the Vita will have a staggered launch through the end of 2011. But Sony didn’t provide details about when or where the gadget will debut.

As for how gamers will be playing on the device, Sony said it will use a flash-based memory card for games, ditching the Universal Media Disc currently used by the PlayStation Portable, or PSP. Every game will also have a “LiveArea” built into it where users can communicate and share with other players using the same game.

It will also be able to download games to internal storage. The PS Vita will have an internal storage slot, so players can decide how much memory they want on their devices.

Those with UMD games will have to wait and see if Sony will make them buy those games again — the company said it will “consider every possibility for support on bought UMD games, but we have nothing to comment at this point in time.”

The PS Vita will also be able to interact with the PlayStation Suite, a software framework that will put PlayStation games on Android devices... though Sony doesn’t exactly say how.

The PS Vita will use the PlayStation Network accounts as that PS3 and PSP.

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