Namco showed off some gameplay from Soulcalibur V, the latest installment of their delightfully button-mashable arcade fighting series at E3.

According to Kotaku, the latest version’s got a “lighter, faster, more elegant” feel to it, with an emphasis on more dramatic moves. The game draws “some influence from Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat,” Kotaku’s Michael McWhertor wrote.

Story-wise, the big news is that the game will be more narrative-driven and have several new fighters. That includes Patroklos and Pyrrah, the children of the character Sophitia, the main characters of the new game who’re featured in Namco’s demonstrations and trailers.

This latest installment takes place 17 years after Soulcalibur IV, and developers said that about half of its 20-30 characters will be new, while returning characters will be considerably older.

To be honest, Soulcalibur’s strength has never been in its storyline — or, for that matter, correctly spelling “caliber” — so it’ll be interesting to see how it makes the transition.

Check out the official preview here, courtesy of Namco Bandai’s YouTube channel:

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