This year marks the 25th anniversary of Nintendo’s classic Zelda series, and the company is releasing a new game, Zelda: Skyward Sword as part of its silver anniversary celebration.

In the game, our hero Link has to return to his home in the Skyworld, giving players the chance to hop on a bird and soar through sky, using game mechanics familiar to anyone who has played Wii Sports Resort.

The gameplay looks comfortingly familiar for Zelda fans, though it takes advantage of the more sensitive Wii Motion Plus for sword fights. Your sword can also be used to detect hidden items.

IGN’s Richard George criticized endurance bar in the new game — run it for too long and the Link slows down, out of breath — but had good things to say about it overall.

The game is slated to debut some time this year for the Wii, but will not be making the jump to the new Wii U.

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