Entrepreneur Mike Moradian is crowdsourcing his decision to attend Harvard Business School or continue with his startup companies. ( mikemoradian.com )

Faced with choosing between business school and business, Moradian has taken a novel approach to his decision.

He’s taking it to a vote. For all those who want a small say in Moradian’s future, you have until Aug. 30 to tell him what you think he should do.

Moradian says he’s can’t do both, TechCrunch reported, since he believes splitting his time would be doing a disservice to him, his companies and Harvard. As of early Monday afternoon, the votes were leaning toward business school.

Moradian’s dilemma fits in nicely with an ongoing debate about the value of higher education — one brought into sharp focus by entrepreneur Peter Thiel’s scholarship that offers $100,000 and priceless business contacts to 20 busi­ness­peo­ple under the age of 20.

Of course, the fact that Moradian is choosing between grad school and business rather than undergrad and business changes the debate a bit. But the question remains: would you chose Harvard or the start-up?

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