The latest study from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism shows that social media are a growing source of news, particularly Facebook.

The study, published Monday, found that while Google is still the top way that people are finding news, the social networking site is the second or third source traffic referral site for the top five news sites on the Web.

(Post Co. Chairman and chief executive Donald E. Graham sits on Facebook's board of directors, and the newspaper and many Post staffers use Facebook for marketing purposes.)

Twitter, on the other hand, doesn’t drive nearly as much traffic to sites, which generally sent about 1 percent of traffic to news sites, when it registered as top referring site at all. The only exception was the Los Angeles Times which gets more traffic from Twitter than from Facebook.

Buttons on sites that let users share stories over social networks were among the most-clicked links on all sites included in the survey.

How do you get your news? Do you rely on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter? Are you more likely to read something if a friend pushes it to you?

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