After running some numbers through his ‘URL Fixer’ add-on, software engineer Christopher Finke has released some statistics on what the most-typed addresses are.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Google top the list, but Google has the best showing on Finke’s top 10: “” weighs in at number three, followed by “” at number four and “” at number six.

In fact, the only places in the world where Google and Facebook aren’t dominant, Finke said, are in Russia, Finland, Korea and China.

The .com domain name currently makes up 63 percent of all typed top-level domains, followed by .org, .net and .de, which may also speak to where Finke’s plug-in is popular (Germany). That landscape, of course, may be about to change after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers approved a plan to sell more customized top-level domains.

Twitter’s main page is the fifth most-typed site, and Yahoo, Hotmail, Amazon and Reddit round out the top 10, which together make up 20 percent of all typed domains.

Finke’s data only looked at anonymous usage statistics from users who opt-in to data collection to help improve the plug-in.

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