Facebook said that it firmly believes its Like button is in compliance with EU standards. (Anonymous/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The official, Thilo Weichert, told The Local that the plug-in tracks user habits in violation of German and European Union privacy laws. He has demanded that Web sites based in the northern district of Germany he represents, Schelswig-Holstein, remove “Like” buttons from their sites face a $72,000 (50,000 euros) fine.

In a statement, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said the company is confident its plug-in complies with EU law.

“We firmly reject any assertion that Facebook is not compliant with EU data protection standards,” he said. “The Facebook Like button is such a popular feature because people have complete control over how their information is shared through it. For more than a year, the plugin has brought value to many businesses and individuals every day.”

Noyes said that the company will examine the materials produced by the court.