If you’d like to write something on a different line, you have to hit shift and enter — something Facebook doesn’t tell you until you’ve typed and deleted a comment.

Unsurprisingly, the reaction on Twitter has not been favorable, with a lot of people panning the change. (Let’s put it this way: it was hard to find tweets appropriate to post in the blog.)

HEY #Facebook i hate the “press enter to post your comment” featureWed Mar 16 17:30:22 via HootSuiteTiNy

press enter to submit on Facebook = dumb idea. I at times write paragraphs that require spacing in between! who thinks of this crap?Wed Mar 16 17:51:39 via websharissad

Still, some people like the tweak, which makes Facebook more like Twitter or chat clients.

I love how when you comment on a status on @Facebook you just need to hit enter to submit. #nerdyWed Mar 16 16:03:56 via Twitter for MacJonny Rowntree

What do you think of the change? Does it bother you when Facebook makes small tweaks without announcing them?

(Post Co. Chairman and chief executive Donald E. Graham is on Facebook's board of directors, and the newspaper and many Post staffers use Facebook for marketing purposes.)

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