Mass Effect 2 hit consoles on Jan. 26, 2010, bringing the second installment of Bioware’s popular game to eager gamers everywhere. Now, more than a year later, Bioware has announced the final mission for the game will drop as downloadable content on March 29.

Bioware’s been teasing the DLC, Arrival, on its Facebook page and Twitter accounts for days.

Arrival - the Mass Effect 2 final chapter hits March 29th! than a minute ago via TweetDeckBioWare

Here’s a description of the mission, from Bioware’s Web site:

A deep cover agent is missing in Batarian space, after reporting evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Shepard must travel to the edge of the galaxy, rescue the agent, and discover the truth behind the Arrival. Uncover new research and 3 new achievements in this spectacular new adventure for Mass Effect 2.

Ealier this week, the game won a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for Best Game.