The latest model of the iPad drops on Friday, leaving some with a tablet to spare. What can you do with that old iPad?

Donate it: If you’re feeling altruistic, there’s always the option of donation. One good candidate is the D.C. public schools. District spokeswoman Safiya Simmons said that the district would be thrilled to get a donation of an iPad. For things like the iPad or other high-tech donations, she said that the school district lets educators know the item is available, then sets parameters for how the devices can be used. Educators doing innovative things in the classroom with good classroom ideas for the tablet can use the iPad. If you’re interested, go ahead to the school district’s donation Web site and fill out a form.

Sell it:Well, duh. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular option for current iPad owners — particularly for those trying to make some cash to get the new tablet. Of course, if you’ve bought an iPad in the past two weeks, Apple will take the iPad back and refund you the difference in price. But if you’ve had your tablet for longer than that, there are more options open to you. Target is just one retailer that has a electronic trade-in program that will give you a credit for old electronics, though their buyback program isn’t available at every store. There are plenty of online resellers as well. Gazelle, a Boston-based electronic reseller, said it bought 10,000 iPads in advance of the iPad 2 launch. And eBay has a buyback program just for the iPad that guarantees offers of up to $450 for used iPads until March 25. According to release from eBay, they’ve seen more than 22,000 offers on first generation iPads since Apple’s announcement.

Use it in a new way:People have already been using the iPad in novel ways, and if you have a spare tablet lying around, it should be easy to repurpose it for new uses. Make it a cookbook. Make it a digital picture frame. Make it a sketchbook. Use it as an eReader, a satellite radio or just for streaming video. The iPad has even been used to help children with autism and for physical therapy, so get brainstorming!

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