Mozilla has released Firefox 4, keeping pace with competitors Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera which have all launched fresh versions in the past few weeks.

Rob Pegoraro already broke down the differences between IE9 and Firefox 4 — and said neither matches Google’s Chrome on security. But but here’s a refresher of some of the key features of Mozilla’s new browser:

- New look: With a design reminiscent of Apple’s Safari or Google’s Chrome, the tabs now sit above the address bar.

- Improved privacy: Both IE9 and Firefox 4 have amped up their privacy controls. In Firefox 4, the advanced options menu allows users to tell Web sites that they do not want to be tracked.

- Tab management: Users can now group tabs and tuck them away, so it’s easy to juggle multiple projects or switch seamlessly between work and play. Taking another page out of the Chrome playbook, Firefox also lets users pin frequently used tabs to the browser. And an “Awesome Bar” allows users to switch easily between open tabs and search for keywords in a user’s history, bookmarks and open site.

- Syncing: The latest version of Firefox allows users to unify their bookmarks, passwords and history across devices.

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