A celebration sign is posted at Mozilla headquarters to celebrate that the browser has been downloaded over a billion times. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma) (Paul Sakuma/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

As could be expected from Mozilla’s new, faster updating schedule, the changes in Firefox 6 appear to be mostly incremental.

One new feature is a new preferences pane that allows users to set site-specific security and privacy preferences.

Users simply have to type “about:permissions” in their address bar to access the pane. From one easy pane, they can choose whether or not they want a site to store passwords, share location information, keep cookies, open pop-up windows or use offline storage.

The new browser also boots up faster and is a little quicker with navigation, as well. There are also a couple visual tweaks — the main one being is that Firefox 6 highlights the domain name in a URL, so you have a clear idea of where you are while you surf.

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