The Post’s Mike Rosenwald reported today that the federal government, long a bastion of BlackBerry users, is seeing increased demand from its workers to switch to other devices such as the iPhone, Droid or iPad. Some of these workers say the BlackBerry simply doesn’t allow them to work remotely as efficiently as they’d like to.

So we asked you to tell us what devices you’re using for work and what the federal government should add to its technology wish list.

Here are some of your responses:

“I have started carrying an iPad and a personally-owned iPhone for work as a JAG attorney.  I turned down the offer of a government-issued BlackBerry, and simply paid out-of-pocket for my iPhone minutes.  I managed to make the iPhone work with one of my Army e-mail addresses but not the other.  Even so, I have found that the iPhone has made me more productive.  My clients have all stated that my 24-7 accessibility is one of my greatest strengths.”

— U.S. Army employee

“We're given laptops, but working from home, while official policy, is not encouraged. We're not given work smartphones (so using my personal phone would technically be a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act which prohibits me from checking e-mail in a government shutdown) so we're forced to use personal cellphones if we work from home (I don't have a landline). How does having a laptop with Windows XP, upon which I can't install other useful programs or apps, hold me back?  I can do more on my Android phone with a 1 GHz processor than I can on my laptop…”

— EPA employee

“Supporting/enabling Apple products would help immensely [in making me more productive]. They are easier to use, have more capabilities, and would mean not having to work with two platforms.”

— Transportation Department, Federal Aviation Administration employee

“…our BlackBerry network has a tendency to shut down on certain times of the week, thus creating an ‘information lag’ which results in a ‘dump’ of e-mail and voice mail not received during shut down all at one time.”

— Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Prisons employee

“I carry two devices, personal iPhone and work Blackberry. I use my personal iPhone 95% of the time. It is a better mobile solution. An iPad would be even better for work function.”

— Commerce Department employee

Want to tell us what device is in your purse or briefcase and how it helps or holds you back on the job? Fill out this form and we may post some more of your responses.