The company is offering businesses the opportunity for four new types of Specials: Flash Specials, Friends Specials and Swarm Specials.

Flash Specials reward the first people to check in a given place. For example, Toys R Us has a special set for March 11, where the first five people who check-in to Times Square after 11 a.m. will get their photo on the square’s big screen.

Friend Specials reward those who check-in together in small groups. In a similar vein, Swarm Specials reward large groups who check in after a certain time, triggering large-scale, sometimes nationwide deals.

Foursquare loyalists need not worry, though: the company is still offering its existing Specials.

The new update also revamps the app’s leaderboard and replaces the “tips” button with an “explore” button that can make suggestions to you based on past check-ins and a search feature.

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