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Samsung sent along a review tablet Tuesday, so while I haven’t had enough time with it for a full review quite yet, I do have some first impressions.

For one, the 10-inch tablet is extremely light, almost stunningly so. Slightly lighter than the iPad 2, this tablet is also maybe — maybe — the first to give Apple some competition. It’s certainly the best Android tablet of its size I’ve seen so far, and maybe the best Android tablet out there.

The Galaxy Tab is running Honeycomb, Android 3.1, which polishes some of Honeycomb’s rougher edges. In fact, the whole tablet just feels more polished and complete than its Android competitors. The screen has a very bright, crisp display that’s perfect for videos and games. So far, there’s been nothing clunky about it, just an overall smooth user experience.

It’s not all sunshine, however. The device is super-sleek, but it comes at a price. The Tab has no ports except for its docking port and a headphone port. That means no HDMI port, no SD card slot — not even a USB port. You can transfer information through dongles that work with the docking port, but it’s not quite as user-friendly as it could be. That’s a limitation of the iPad 2 as well, which just goes to show that sometimes you have to sacrifice function for form.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 hits stores nationwide on June 17. Check back with Faster Forward later this week for a full review.

And let me know: What would you like to know about Samsung’s new tablet?

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