One of Google’s many April Fools’ Day jokes this year was Gmail Motion, a “feature” on Gmail to let users control the e-mail system with their bodies. Researchers at the University of Southern California decided to take the joke to the next level and actually make the system work using the Microsoft Kinect.

A group of researchers at USC has mocked up a demo using the controls Google made up for its joke video to open, compose and send e-mails.

The demo uses the groups own research to develop ways for the Kinect to control games and other applications.

The Kinect has been used for tons of outside-the-box projects, ranging from manipulating medical scans to teaching sign-language. Microsoft announced that it will release a software developer’s kit for the Kinect sometime this spring.

Google Webspam team head Matt Cutts, who once sponsored a Kinect hacking contest himself, tweeted out a link to the video.

Someone takes Gmail Motion: plus a Kinect and turns it into a real demo: Nice!Mon Apr 04 03:38:38 via webMatt Cutts

Check out Google’s original video below

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