Rain or shine? Check Google Maps. (MARK REIS/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

My Post colleague Jason Samenow reported that Google has added a weather layer to Maps, giving users the option to check the current weather, cloud patterns and forecasts for the next four days.

To use the new tool, hover over the widget in the upper-right corner of Google Maps and chose the to make the weather layer it visible. You’ll have to zoom out to about the state level to see cloud cover.

For those not interested in the overlay, it’s easy to turn off, but it’s a nice add for trip planners, casual weather watchers and, of course, those of us trapped in inner cubicles far away from windows.

The new feature comes thanks to a partnership with weather.com and the U.S. Naval Research lab, and adds yet another way the search giant is aiming to become a one-stop shop of information.

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