In a blog post Thursday, Google announced that it will enable Web-site blocking on its search engine.

It works like this. Say you do a Google search for something, click on the top result and then find that it’s not a site you want to visit. If you return to Google, there will be a new option next to the “Cached” link to block all results from that domain name. Click that link, and you’ll get a confirmation. If you change your mind about a site, you can manage your blocked sites in your Search Settings.

The blog post notes that sometimes users will have to move onto a new search term — rather than just hitting refresh — to get the sites blocked. Any subsequent searches made with the same search term will show a message where a blocked site would have appeared.

The feature is rolling out today for those using the following browsers and higher: Chrome 9, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.5.

Have you seen this feature? What do you think about Google’s latest effort to clean up searches?

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