Google appeared to have some downtime across all of its services for a few minutes Wednesday morning, sending the Internet into panic. People rely on Google for so many services that even Twitter users just assumed their Internet connections were down, not thinking that the problem could have been on Google’s end.

@flyosity I can confirm that every Google IP went down for me for about ten minutes, I couldn’t even ping Jun 08 14:53:01 via webJordan Durose

#Google just went down for about a minute. I reset my connection like 4 times, never occurred to me the problem might be on their endWed Jun 08 14:50:14 via EchofonBen Doernberg

Uhm. Did the entire Google network just go down? I can’t get on Google, Gmail or Google News! #isthistheraptureWed Jun 08 14:42:35 via TweetDeckSabrina Siddiqui

is #google down for anyone else right now? can’t access gmail, gchat, search, reader... nothing.Wed Jun 08 14:43:49 via TweetDeckJames G Gilmore

Google is a participant in Wednesday’s World IPv6 Day which tests its system readiness for the inevitable switch to a new way of assigning unique Internet addresses for computers, phones and other devices .

Google did not immediately respond to questions about what caused the downtime and whether it was related to the testing.

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