The iriver Story HD

The reader will be available in Target stores this weekend, the company said in blog post.

In addition to taking on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with this device, Google also knocks down some of the barriers that were likely keeping many people from using its eBooks service. Just check out how much clicking, downloading, connecting and waiting you had to do to get a Google eBook on a Nook, Kindle or Sony reader:

The iriver Story HD will also support any PDF, EPUB or text files.

In the post, Google said that users should expect more Google-integrated readers in the future, and touted its cloud-based system, which allows users to keep their place in an ebook while hopping from device to device.

The e-reader market is heating up, and it will be interesting to see whether the draw of Google convenience will be enough to distinguish the reader.

The price, at any rate, is not a major selling point — the iriver Story HD is $139.99, about the same as new Simple Touch Nook, and a little more expensive than the cheapest, ad-subsidized Kindle.

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