Google’s new tool can be enabled through Google dashboard. (By David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)

The feature, called “Me on the Web,” can be enabled through a user’s Google dashboard to get e-mails when Google picks up that his or her name is mentioned on a Web site, blog post or other online forum. Users can also enable alerts for mentions of their e-mail addresses or other search terms they associate with their online identity such as a business or product. Alerts can be sent weekly, daily or as Google picks up the mentions.

The Me on the Web section of the dashboard also offers links to Google resources on how to get content removed from searches and tips on managing your online reputation (including a pitch to create a Google profile, which gets picked up high in search results for your name.)

While Google Alerts won’t pick up every single mention of the terms you set up, it’s a good first step for people worried about their online reputation, and Me on the Web is a bit more convenient than managing several Google Alerts.

How do you manage your online identity?

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