The Sprint Nexus S 4G is the only phone that can currently use the app. (Samsung)

The company began sending its payment app to Sprint Nexus S 4G phones in an over-the-air update and announced it will give a $10 to any person who sets up a Google Wallet before the end of the year.

Google launched the Wallet program with Citi and MasterCard, but said it’s also speaking to Visa, Discover and American Express to expand the program.

The payment program was first announced in May, along with Google Offers. Google said at the time that the program would launch over the summer — a deadline it technically met, even if most people see Labor Day as the end of summer.

Using the app on the phone, customers can pay for goods by waving their device in front of a reader at a number of participating vendors including Macy’s and Subway. Users can either link their Citi or MasterCard to the app or add money to a balance on a pre-paid Google Wallet card.

Google has vouched for the security of their app, and has also said it will not have access to a users’ financial information or purchase history through the service, though it can see what coupons customers have redeemed.

Right now, the app will only work for a very small slice of the population, but with NFC chips expected in more phones and Google’s promise to expand to other credit card companies, it will be interesting to see if Google Wallet can carve a foothold for itself in the consumer financial service market.

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