Google has suspended the accounts of several users using psuedonyms (HO/REUTERS)

What do these users have in common? Many of them are not using their real, legal names on their profiles, ZDNet reported.

For example, Doctor Popular and Lady Ada, two well-known tech personalities both received notice that their accounts had been suspended.

Tech blogger Robert Scoble asked Google+ social lead Vic Gundrota about the suspensions on the network, Gundrota said that the company had made some mistakes in its first round of suspensions.

According to Scoble’s post, Gundrota said that it’s not so much about using real names — he said he’s not using his legal name — but more about suspending accounts with weird characters or people using obviously fake names.

Going forward, Gundrota told Scoble, Google will make an effort to let people know why their accounts have been suspended and find a way to deal with pseudonyms.

Many have praised Google+ for its “real name” policy, though as the social network works through its field trial, it’s become apparent that it needs a way to accommodate celebrities and brands.

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