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Basically, +1 is Facebook’s “like” button for your Google results. The new program expands on Google’s earlier efforts in the social search space. In February, the company started letting searchers know when others in their social networks have shared a link on Twitter, Flickr and other sites.

The program is in its experimental stages. If you have a Google profile, you can visit the Google Labs site and opt in to +1. (Note that you can only participate in one experiment at a time.) You must be logged in to your Google profile for the feature to work.

When someone hits the +1 button, it couples his or her name with that link in searches and ads. So if you’re friends with a marathon enthusiast and you’re looking for new running shoes, she could provide an unexpected endorsement for a certain store or brand in your search.

For more info about +1, check out Google’s video explanation below:

Do you think +1 will catch on?

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