Back in August, when Google added its Priority Inbox feature, the company was praised for helping stressed-out e-mail users wade through the volumes of e-mail. Now Google is applying that same technology to its ads.

In a help article describing the new ads, Google explained it like this. Say a user gets a lot of ads about a certain subject but marks them all as spam, or says they’re not particularly interested by them. Gmail will now take note of those preferences and stop showing ads related to that subject. The company said it is trying to cut down on unwanted ads and will take advantage of user cues to do so.

The company also teased a mention about offering local coupons, saying only that it would explain more about that when the features were ready.

Google was careful to note that the system is automated and that no person will be reading e-mails to obtain this information. Users can opt out of the new ad system.

A short conversation with Google's chatbot, Talk Guru

To use Guru, users can visit its Labs page and invite themselves to chat with the bot.

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